The Sum of Two

The constellation

Sonic Salad is the sum of two, but together they are one salad of music

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Breathe Again 

Release 4th of December 2021

Breathe again 2019

Sonic Salads first single Breathe again is a song about the terrifying thought of loosing the love of your life. The emptiness left behind when the last breath has been drawn.


Inte som alla andra 2019

Sonic Salads andra singel Inte som alla andra handlar om det där paret man ser, som det är något speciellt med. Man ser att de har något som alla söker efter, och inte alla finner.


Not just everyday people 2019

Sonic Salads third single Not just everyday people is a song about that couple you see that has something special. They have what everyone is looking for, and not all will find.



What does it mean? The sum of two?

They are two individuals, Anette and Dan, with different musical backgrounds, but together they make a salad of music.